This website is about 2D graphics in web browsers. The goal is to experiment, provide libraries and tools, associate technologies in innovative ways, discuss about all of the above. The main audience is web developers, though casual web users may find some of the projects fun to use.

The site focuses on the following technologies:

2D Graphics HTML5 canvas and SVG
Mobile development FirefoxOS and OpenWebApps
JavaScript GWT and plain js

The site hosts the following projects:


lib-gwt-svg a general purpose SVG library for GWT. The goal is to make it easy to do SVG graphics in a GWT application
lib-gwt-file a library to add support for the W3C File API and the HTML5 file drag-and-drop API to GWT.
libsvg.js a general purpose SVG library for Javascript. The goal is to complement the native SVG graphics API and to make it easy to write JavaScript SVG apps in JavaScript IDEs


The (long term !) purpose of svgreal is to let anyone with a browser open and edit any SVG resource on the Internet. Real svg resources, not just svg resources originally created by svgreal itself.

A digital dictaphone web application.


memokid A game to train one’s memory
lib-gwt-svg-chess a demonstrator for lib-gwt-svg featuring a complete chess game based on the Carballo chess engine by Alberto Alonso Ruibal and lib-gwt-svg for rendering
lib-gwt-svg-edu a set of educational games for kids of age 4 to 6 years old, based on lib-gwt-svg
Push Puzzle a game puzzle application

Free / Open-Source Software

All the code published on this site is released under GPLv3 GPLv3 (except gwt-incubator-slider which is licensed under the Apache v2.0 license and lib-gwt-svg, lib-gwt-file and libsvg.js which are licensed under LGPLv3) and copyright is enforced by See CopyrightFrance.com.

You can get all the details about required build tools, artefact and source repositories, issue trackers and development sites from the Vectomatic tooling and repositories tools page.


You can contact me directly at laaglu@gmail.com or through this blog.