lib-gwt-svg-chess is a chess game implemented in javascript and SVG. It was written originally as a demonstrator for lib-gwt-svg. It uses carballo-gwt, a GWT-ified form of the powerful Carballo chess engine by Alberto Alonso Ruibal. The SVG chess artwork comes from wikipedia‘s article on chess pieces.

You can browse the Release notes for details on version 0.4.10

It has been tested on the following SVG-enabled web browsers:

Browser Version
Firefox 3.x
Opera 9.x or greater
Chrome (41514) or greater
Safari 5.0.3 or greater
Internet Explorer 9 or greater

warning Note that the program does not work correctly on Safari for some yet to be determined reason (symptom: browser crash at initialization time, related to SVGUseElement). Chrome used to have this bug too until a recent upgrade, so Safari will probably get the fix too when Apple upgrades its Webkit image.

To run the application, click this button

The documentation currently available consists in: