Updates for GWT-2.5.0 compatibility

I am releasing today a new version of most my GWT libs, apps and games. The update is mostly to preserve compatibility with GWT-2.5.0, and the new gwt-maven-plugin 2.5.0. You can look at the release notes for more details. The code is available in GitHub and maven central.

vectomatic moves to github

I have been working during the past weeks on a significant upgrade of the tooling underlying vectomatic, with the following goals:

Make it easier to contribute to the projects. Make it easier and faster for me to release new versions of the projects.

To achieve that I decided to make the following changes:

Replace subversion […]

Annoucement: lib-gwt-svg 0.5.1 availability and other miscellaneous changes

This post summarizes changes and new features to vectomatic and lib-gwt-svg.

lib-gwt-svg A new version 0.5.1 is introduced, to provide formal support for GWT2.2.0. It is mainly a bug-fix and improvement release, but it contains a large number of fixes (see the release notes for details). It is available through the usual channels: maven central […]

More on CSS layout of SVG applications

lib-gwt-svg-samples and lib-gwt-svg-chess have been fully ported to GWT2.1 and I am releasing today these new versions. These applications were already working with GWT2.1 but they were still using deprecated classes for UI layout. They have been transposed to a 100% CSS-based, strict-mode layout, so the resizing should be faster and the layout more consistent […]

lib-gwt-svg is now available on Maven central repository

To improve the ease of use and accessibility of lib-gwt-svg, lib-gwt-svg version 0.5 is now available on Maven central repository (http://repo2.maven.org/maven2/org/vectomatic/lib-gwt-svg/)

Though I will keep making it available from my own Maven repository (http://www.vectomatic.org/mvn) and from various other HTTP download locations (http://code.google.com/p/vectomatic/ and http://code.google.com/p/lib-gwt-svg/), retrieving the library from the Maven central repository is the preferred […]