svg event mapping

The following table displays all the events which exists in SVG 1.1 (events are grouped in three categories: animation, graphical and document). For each type of event, the table displays the name of the native GWT event class if one exists, or the name of the lib-gwt-svg event class which extends the GWT event model. Three types of event are currently not supported (SVGUnload, SVGAbort and SVGError)

SVG event Category GWT event vectomatic GWT event
focusin graphical
focusout graphical
activate graphical
click graphical
mousedown graphical
mouseup graphical
mouseover graphical
mousemove graphical
mouseout graphical
SVGLoad graphical, animation
SVGUnload document N/A
SVGAbort document N/A
SVGError document N/A
SVGResize document
SVGScroll document
SVGZoom document
beginEvent animation
endEvent animation
repeatEvent animation