lib-gwt-svg is a library to add SVG graphics to a GWT application.

It offers the following features:

  • GWT exposition of 100% of the JavaScript APIs defined in the SVG 1.1 W3C recommendation (August 11, 2011).
  • Many additional helper methods to improve development productivity.
  • Tight integration with GWT, including: SVG resources (with XML validation), SVG in UiBinder definitions, integration with GWT event system, SVG Widgets (images, push and toggle buttons).
  • Tight integration with Java, including: iteratable collections, subclassing of SVG elements, complete integration of W3C documentation in the javadocs.
  • Open source license (LGPL)

You can browse the Release notes for details on version 0.5.15.
For maven users, you can directly obtain lib-gwt-svg from the Central Maven Repository.

Lib-gwt-svg requires GWT 2.x. Depending on the version you GWT you are using, you must choose a version of lib-gwt-svg which matches it, as described in the following table:

GWT version lib-gwt-svg version
2.0.3 0.4.6
2.0.4 0.4.7
2.1.0M1 0.4.9
2.1.0 / 2.1.1 0.5.0
2.2.0 0.5.1
2.3.0 0.5.2
2.4.0 0.5.6, 0.5.5, 0.5.4 or 0.5.3
2.5.0 0.5.7
2.5.1 0.5.8
2.6.x 0.5.9
2.7.0 0.5.10, 0.5.11 (for Chrome 48+)
2.8.0 0.5.12
2.8.1 0.5.13
2.8.2 0.5.14, 0.5.15 (for Firefox 59+)

lib-gwt-svg has been tested on the following SVG-enabled web browsers:

Browser Version
Firefox 3.x
Opera 10.x or greater
Chrome 5.x or greater
Safari 5.x
IE 9.x (NB: on IE, xpath support is provided by integrating the excellent, Creative-Commons-licenced xpath.js library, by Cameron McCormack)
Firefox for Android 10.x (NB: firefox supports touch events, but only single touch at the moment. Support for true multitouch is planned for 11.x)
Android browser Android 3.2 (NB: Android does not implement touch events for SVG)

You can find samples demonstrating the API in action here:

The library currently requires GWT 2.x. Debugging is possible using GWT dev mode.

The documentation currently available consists in:

You can use the lib-gwt-svg Google group to ask questions about lib-gwt-svg usage. I (or somebody else) will do my best to answer it as quickly as possible

Note: the original 0.0.1 version was released under the GPL license. As of version 0.2, lib-gwt-svg is re-released under the LGPL license