is an online open-source SVG editor. With it you can open most SVG resources available on the Internet or your local PC, view them, edit them, combine them with other SVG resources, export the result back to SVG.


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svgreal offers a unique mix of features:

  • In-browser multiple document interface, so that you can cut-copy-paste between any SVG document on the Internet.
  • Interactive and precise: all editions can be done either interactively, with manipulators or drag-and-drop, or numerically, with the property inspector panel, including geometry.
  • New UI concepts, such as dual DOM/graphical view, highlighting, simple command selection.
  • Free as in free software, with the objective of giving indivuals the power to create and change SVG everywhere on the internet.
  • Compatibility

    Svgreal has been tested on these platforms with the following results:

    Browser Version Compatibility
    FirefoxFirefox 9.x Recommended browser. This is the main platform used for development so this is were the code works best.
    ChromeChrome / ChromiumChromium 18.0.1015.0 or greater Usable too and probably faster than FF. There are a few extra bugs on this platform though (some of which are mine, some come from the underlying SVG engine which is less complete / more buggy than FF’s).
    SafariSafari 5.0.3 or greater Same behavior as other webkit-based browsers.
    OperaOpera 9.x or greater Partially usable (Lots of browser SVG engine-related bugs).
    Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer 9 or greater Partially usable (Lots of browser SVG engine-related bugs).
    FirefoxTablet / phones Android / iOS Not tested yet.

    Bugs and evolutions

    is still a very young piece of software (read: unstable and not working equally well on all platforms), but depending on your scenario it can already do useful work for you. It will undergo heavy work in 2012 and hopefuly become more reliable and complete.

    If you wish to help, you can file bug reports in the project’s github bug tracker: . If possible, please:

    • Attach your source SVG document or provide an URL to the SVG document if your bug is related to / reproducible with a particular document.
    • Indicate the browser version and OS you are using.
    • Provide a short scenario and a description of the symptoms or malfunctions.

    New version of svgreal will be released periodically to fix bugs and provide new features. You can periodically:

    • Check the release notes which will document bug fixes and new features
    • Check the release archive page if you wish to access older version of the software (I plan to keep all releases online, forever).

    Documentation and tutorials

    The tutorials page contains short animated videos demonstrating svgreal in action. You can watch them to get an idea of how to accomplish various tasks with svgreal. Proper documentation explaining the UI concepts is not yet available.

    Privacy and data ownership

    All the documents you open and data you create with svgreal remain your exclusive property and are never uploaded to any server of any kind.

    When you download remote SVG content (by opening SVG documents from the OpenClipArt website or from an URL you specify), the data is currently channeled through the vectomatic server because of technical web browser security restrictions (see Wikipedia article: same origin policy). I hope to find a technical bypass to this problem shortly so that you can download SVG content directly from its original location without going through vectomatic. Note that the logs of downloaded SVG content is kept for 7 days and is destroyed after that. It is seen as private data and not share with any other party for any purpose of any kind.