lib-gwt-svg-edu is a new project based on lib-gwt-svg. The goal is to write educational games for kids of age 4 to 6 years old. Technically, the games are completely open source and playable in a standards compliant browsers. The games are graphically appealing but with an actual educational value (not just cute or fun to play). Thus, the game concepts are developed in partnership with


There are presently four games in the serie:

Connect the dots
Children must connect the dots in the correct order to make a picture appear

Connect the dots

Children must solve a randomly generated labyrinth displayed inside picture


Push Push
Children must reorder the tiles by pushing them in order to form an image

Push Push

Children must reorder the pieces to solve the puzzle

Push Push

The games have been tested on the following SVG-enabled web browsers:

Browser Version
Firefox 3.x
Opera 9.x or greater
Chrome 7 or greater (the dots game is not compatible)

Safari 5 or greater (the dots game is not compatible)

Opera 9.x or greater
Internet Explorer 9.x or greater (the dots game is not compatible because IE does not support SVG filters yet. IE10 ought to fix this problem)

warning Note that the program does not work yet correctly on WebKit based browsers (Safari, Chrome) because of several limitations and bugs in these browsers.

The game can be played in english or in french. You can access the games either from a global menu, or directly from the dedicated page
lib-gwt-svg-edu menu

The documentation currently available consists in:

a maven site with javadoc, source cross-reference, dependencies

Any free contribution (such as translation to other languages, new data files, new game ideas) is welcomed.