for developers


The source code is available under .


Svgreal is built on top of the following components:

  • GWT by Google (the code is written in Java mostly)
  • Ext-GWT by Ext-GWT for UI and widgets
  • lib-gwt-svg for SVG manipulation
  • lib-gwt-file for file access


  • Maven as a build tool
  • Subversion for SCM
  • JUnit for unit tests
  • Jenkins for continuous integration

Release schedule

The plan is to provide many small, upward-compatible releases (typically every 4-6 weeks)



The public source code repository is available on .


  • At the moment, use the lib-gwt-svg Google Group to discuss technical aspects of the project. If trafic becomes too important, I will open a dedicated group.
  • For other inquiries related to svgreal, you can contact me by email.