Availability of lib-gwt-file 0.2

lib-gwt-file 0.2 is now available. It does not provide new functionality with regards to the previous release, but is a migration to GWT 2.4.0.

Changes in this release

As GWT 2.4.0 now provides native support for HTML 5 drag-and-drop, lib-gwt-file 0.2 uses these native event classes instead of its own, wherever possible. lib-gwt-file’s own drag-and-drop […]

Availability of lib-gwt-svg 0.5.3 and other announcements


Concomitantly to the release of GWT 2.4, I am releasing a new version of lib-gwt-svg (0.5.3). For a detailed list of changes, see the release notes. This new version, besides providing compatibility with GWT 2.4, provides improvements in two areas:

It supports SVG paint (colors, named colors, gradients, patterns) and dash-arrays by providing parsers […]

SVG paint and stroke

The SVG standard provides a complete API to deal with various forms of paint (rgb colors, named colors, linear gradients, patterns, …) and this API integrates tightly with the CSS APIs to provide programmatic access to the various characteristics of the paint. The dash-array CSS property can also be introspected with the same CSS APIs.