Availability of lib-gwt-svg 0.5.3 and other announcements


Concomitantly to the release of GWT 2.4, I am releasing a new version of lib-gwt-svg (0.5.3). For a detailed list of changes, see the release notes. This new version, besides providing compatibility with GWT 2.4, provides improvements in two areas:

It supports SVG paint (colors, named colors, gradients, patterns) and dash-arrays by providing parsers for these data types. A dedicated post details these new capabilities.

It incorporates a patch proposed by Michael Allan of zelea.com to let lib-gwt-svg support subclassing or wrapper types. You can now write constructs like:

public class MyCircle extends OMSVGCircleElement {
MyCircle c = new MyCircle();
OMSVGSVGElement svg = new OMSVGSVGElement();

I am also releasing a new version of lib-gwt-svg-chess, which is based on the latest version (0.6) of the carballo chess engine. Alberto Alonso Ruibal, the author of this engine, has modified it to make it compatible with GWT. Thus, as of this release, I will no longer maintain and distribute my own GWT version of it (carballo-gwt) and use the official version directly.

In parallel, the IE9 compatibility picture continues to improve: my chess game now runs in IE9+, and three out of four of my educational games run in IE9+ (dots is still not working). The only two remaining hurdles are lack of SVG animation and lack of XPath support in IE9+.

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