Availability of lib-gwt-file 0.2

lib-gwt-file 0.2 is now available. It does not provide new functionality with regards to the previous release, but is a migration to GWT 2.4.0.

Changes in this release

As GWT 2.4.0 now provides native support for HTML 5 drag-and-drop, lib-gwt-file 0.2 uses these native event classes instead of its own, wherever possible. lib-gwt-file’s own drag-and-drop event classes are deprecated and will be removed in the next release of the library. Please see the release notes for the list of classes being deprecated.

Migration guide

To migrate to lib-gwt-file 0.2, replace the imports to all lib-gwt-file event classes related to drag-and-drop and replace them with GWT 2.4.0 equivent classes. This is fairly easy as all classes have the same name (you only need to change the package). There is one exception to this rule. GWT 2.4.0 DataTransfer class does not expose any file-related APIs, as GWT 2.4.0 does not yet support the W3C file API. I have thus provided an extended overlay class wrapper, DataTransferExt, which adds the missing functionality. Thus, to use it, replace code like this:

FileList files = event.getDataTransfer().getFiles();


FileList files = event.getDataTransfer().<DataTransferExt>cast().getFiles());

lib-gwt-file-test sample

The lib-gwt-file-test has been migrated to the new API. Support has been added for PNG files, in order to demonstrate the readAsBinaryString method. However users should be aware that further changes in this area are very likely, as September 2011 W3C draft proposes new changes to the specification.

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