Availability of lib-gwt-svg 0.5.4 and other announcements

I am releasing a new version of lib-gwt-svg. For a detailed list of changes, see the release notes. This new version is mostly a bug-fix and tuning release, which provides better support for IE9 and Opera. Among the notable features of the release are:

  • On IE9, the XPath APIs are now supported. This is made possible by embedding the xpath.js library by Cameron McCormack, which provides the XPath support lacking in IE9 and IE10. Other browsers, which have native xpath support are unchanged and do embed xpath.js.
  • On IE9, stylesheets embedded in dynamically loaded SVGs are not ignored any more (found a workaround for this IE9 bug)
  • On Opera, xlink hrefs embedded stylesheets contained in dynamically loaded SVGs are not broken any more (found a workaround for this Opera bug)
  • On all platforms, OMSVGParser.parse will throw a ParserException in a consistent manner when fed input which is not well-formed or is not an SVG document

I have created a new XPath sample in the lib-gwt-svg-samples program. It lets you type xpath expressions which are evaluated on the fly, resulting in the proper nodes being selected in the SVG and XML view of a sample document.

I have updated all my educational games to use the latest version. The following matrix shows what works and what does not, per platform:

FF Webkit (chrome) Opera IE
samples-shapes ok ok ok ok
sample-events ok ok ok ok
sample-parser ok ok ok ok
sample-widgets ok ok ok ok
sample-xpath ok ok ok ok
sample-smil ok ko (No JS SMIL support)

ok ko (No SMIL support)
games-chess ok ok ok ok
games-dots ok ko (No JS filter support)

ok ko (No filter support. Coming in IE10)
games-maze ok ok ok ok
games-push ok ok ok ok
games-puzzle ok ok ok ok

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