Update of lib-gwt-file

I am releasing today a new version of lib-gwt-file, to try to keep up with the specification and recent evolution in the W3C draft specification. The highlight of this new version are as follows:

  • Migration of the interfaces to the lastest W3C file API draft (W3C Working Draft 20 October 2011), except for error management which still relies on FileError (as the new error management classes do not seem to be implemented by webkit or FF yet)
  • Addition of javadoc for most of the existing methods (the doc is a mix from MDN documentation, extracts from the spec and my own comments).
  • Support for typed arrays from the lastest Khronos Group specification (Editor’s Draft 19 October 2011)
  • Fixed bug in DropPanel (incorrect firing of dragenter and dragleave if the DropPanel contains nested elements)

I have also upgraded my sample program significantly, with a focus on two areas:

  • Error management, which cannot be written in a totally cross-platform way yet, as FF needs to be treaded as a special case (see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=701154). Expect more changes in this area as the spec has evolved a lot in this area, though browsers have not implemented it yet (and neither have I).
  • Memory management: it seems it is a bad idea to create a new FileReader for every file being read, as this create memory leaks. The sample using a queue base approach and reuses the same reader.

You can find all the details about the new version in the release notes.

The sample is available here

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