Legal and Credits

All the code published on this site is released under GPLv3 GPLv3 (except gwt-incubator-slider which is licensed under the Apache v2.0 license and lib-gwt-svg and lib-gwt-file which are licensed under LGPLv3) and copyright is enforced by See

I give thanks and credit to the numerous open-source talents and people on whom this website relies. Feel free to contact me if I forgot to mention your work

gnu-linux logognu-linux, apache logoapache,

wordpress logowordpress
for powering this site
ovh logoovh, GitHub Octocat logoGitHub, GoogleCode logoGoogleCode site hosting and collaborative development
gwt logoGWT and GWT-incubator core technology
eclipse logoEclipse and maven logomaven, Git logogit, Jenkins logoJenkins built tools
Alonso Ruibal to whom I have borrowed his carballo chess engine
wikipedia logowikipedia authors to whom I have borrowed beautiful chess pieces artwork
ext-js logoext-js used in the vectomatic editor
gwt-components used in the vectomatic editor
Java2Html, JHighlight used to generate HTML-ified source in lib-gwt-svg-samples
OpenClipart logo OpenClipart provides the graphics for lib-gwt-svg-edu. Many images are authored by Francesco Rollandin