Vectomatic2 SVG viewer

I am very excited to announce the release of my dearest open-source pet project: vectomatic2. It is a rewrite of my earlier vectomatic project along new lines: SVG technology (based on lib-gwt-svg) and GXT UI.

It has been tested on the following web browsers:

Browser Version Firefox 3.x or greater Opera 9.x or greater Chrome […]

SVG games rearchitecture

I have done a major re-architecture of lib-gwt-svg-edu, my educational game project. You can see the results here.

The project had become too big to fit under the umbrella of a single maven project: it was slow to compile, the various games where tied to one another, and adding more games seemed problematic. So I […]


My CSS-layout lightbulb has finally lit up !

One of the most serious problems I had been facing with my SVG apps is that the layout and sizing of SVG elements was never right. The interactions of the SVG width and height attributes, the CSS width and height properties, and the rest of the HTML […]