Vectomatic2 SVG viewer

I am very excited to announce the release of my dearest open-source pet project: vectomatic2. It is a rewrite of my earlier vectomatic project along new lines: SVG technology (based on lib-gwt-svg) and GXT UI.

It has been tested on the following web browsers:

Browser Version
Firefox 3.x or greater
Opera 9.x or greater
Chrome 6.x or greater
Safari 5.x

Currently the features are limited to those of a viewer:

  • You can open arbitrary SVG files. It is connected to the RSS feed of the great OpenClipart project so that you get a fresh supply of SVG to manipulate.
  • You can manage several documents at the same time (which will prove useful when the application will allow cut and paste between images).
  • You can easily scale are rotate the images (which will prove useful when you want to work on particular detail).

The plan is to make the application evolve from an SVG viewer to an SVG editor.

If you use an old browser and cannot use it yet, you can watch this video demonstrating the program:

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