October 2010 svg news

Many exciting news to begin this month of October !

First a new release of lib-gwt-svg (version 0.4.9). It fixes a few bugs, adds more classes to provide a a more complete DOM level 2 access, adds a few utility methods. It is based on GWT 2.1 M1. If you need it for other levels, please contact me. More on this topic here.

Second, I am really happy to announce the release of my first version of vectomatic2, an online svg viewer. Vectomatic2 is the reason I started lib-gwt-svg in the first place, as I needed a GWT toolkit to manipulate SVG. I plan to make vectomatic2 evolve into an SVG editor, so expect new release in this direction in the coming weeks / months. Vectomatic2 works on all SVG enabled browsers with GWT support (this means: IE9 not yet, but this will come soon hopefully). More on this topic here.

Third, I am also releasing a new version of my SVG games. I redesign them completely to make them more modular, so that I can add new games more easily. I have also solved my resizing issue and come up with a good way to use SVG and CSS to make SVG UI resizable. The maze game is now available for Chrome 7 users (and it is super fast !). I have not been able to port the other games yet as Chrome 7 has still too many SVG bugs (problems with transforms, and use elements with transform). But it will come eventually. More on this topic here.

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