Basic mistakes to avoid when creating a FirefoxOS app

I would like to write in this post about problems I have had recently with my dictaphone FirefoxOS app, hoping it will help other developers avoiding the pitfalls I have fallen into. My advice falls into two categories

Think twice before you choose a FirefoxOS app type

When one wants to develop a FirefoxOS app, […]

new firefoxos app: dictaphone.js

I am launching today a new FirefoxOS app: dictaphone.js. This application implements a digital dictaphone and relies on the WebAudio and IndexedDB APIs. It fills a need of my own as I missed such an own on my own Geeksphone Peak phone and could not find something suitable on the Firefox Marketplace.

The app has […]

Firefox OS development and OpenWebApps

I am launching today two new sites dedicated to FirefoxOS applications and FirefoxOS games. is a web site dedicated to providing open-source FirefoxOS compatible applications. is a web site dedicated to providing open-source FirefoxOS compatible games.

Even though the main focus of these sites is FirefoxOS software, the apps I intend to publish […]

libsvg.js: porting lib-gwt-svg apps to native JS and Firefox OS

I recently purchased a FirefoxOS phone and wanted to create my first application for the device. I already had a large legacy of GWT code based on lib-gwt-svg and lib-gwt-file and wondered if I would be able to reuse some of that and in what form.

I quickly realized that I would not be able […]