Vectomatic current state and future directions

Vectomatic is a 2D vector graphics editor based on GWT and HTML 5 canvas. At the moment it is more of a demonstrator than a truly useful application.

What lessons did I learn from this first prototype ?

On the bright side, browsers are now quite fast and I think that a full featured editor […]

A chess engine in JavaScript: performance issues

lib-gwt-svg-chess was originally developed as a demonstrator for lib-gwt-svg. I began by looking for a chess engine with the following requirements: java-based, maven project if possible, minimum dependencies on non GWT-compatible libs, clean design to allow refactoring if needed. There were several possible contenders (chessbox port of GNU-chess, chesspresso), but only Carballo matched all my […]

On the topic of GWT initialization

Ideally SVG ought to be embedded as a subtree inside an xhtml document, or be linked in an html document through an <a href=”my.svg”> tag. GWT would provide the logic to make these graphics dynamic…

However GWT initialization today is tightly linked to HTML and depends on a procedure involving iframes to bootstrap the process. […]