lib-gwt-file is a GWT library to add support for the W3C file API and HTML5 file drag-and-drop to GWT.

The library is released under LGPLv3.

Lib-gwt-file requires GWT 2.x. Depending on the version you GWT you are using, you must choose a version of lib-gwt-file which matches it, as described in the following table:

GWT version lib-gwt-file version
2.2.0 0.1
2.4.0 0.2, 0.3, 0.3.1
2.5.0 0.3.3, 0.3.2
2.5.1 0.3.4
2.6.x 0.3.5
2.7.0 0.3.6
2.8.0 0.3.7
2.8.1 0.3.8
2.8.2 0.3.9

A sample web app is available to demonstrate the API. Click this button to run it.

lib-gwt-file has been tested on the following web browsers:

Browser Version
Firefox 4.x
Chromium 12.x or greater
Opera 12.10
Internet Explorer 10

It may work, at least partially, with other browsers, but this has not yet been tested.

The documentation currently available consists in a maven site with javadoc, source cross-reference, dependencies.

The sample application also has a maven site with javadoc, source cross-reference, dependencies.

You can use the lib-gwt-file Google group if you want to discuss the project, report bugs or ask related questions.