The projects on this site are built with apache-maven Built by Maven.

Artefact repositories

You can get access to the maven repository which contains the artifacts (jar, sources and javadocs), as well as various third-party dependencies (like recent GWT builds). The most significant artefacts are also uploaded on maven central.

Code repositories

All the code hosted on this site is free/open-source software, and the source code repositories are maintained on GitHub, except for a few older projects which are hosted by Google code.

Project Code Repository Maven Site
svgreal site
lib-gwt-svg site
lib-gwt-file site
lib-gwt-svg-chess site
lib-gwt-svg-edu site
lib-gwt-svg-edu-commons site
lib-gwt-svg-edu-dots site
lib-gwt-svg-edu-maze site
lib-gwt-svg-edu-push site
lib-gwt-svg-edu-puzzle site
lib-gwt-svg-samples site
lib-gwt-file-test site
gwt-incubator-slider/ site
gwt-incubator-slider-demo site
vectomatic-parent site
vectomatic-gwt-parent site
vectomatic2 site
vectomatic site

Build configuration

The builds of GWT projects rely on the gwt-maven-plugin. By default they use the OBF style and WARN logLevel. The following profiles are defined in the various maven poms in order to make the build more configurable.

Profile name Purpose
build-detailed Use this profile to change the values to DETAILED style and INFO logLevel (useful to troubleshot problems in the javascript code generation or to debug unobfuscated generated javascript).
perm-ff By default the builds generate all the GWT permutations for all browsers and languages. For faster development cycle times, use this profile to limit the generation to one permutation (firefox) and one language (english).