lib-gwt-svg 0.5 is available

I am releasing today version 0.5 of lib-gwt-svg. The new version contains many new features.

  • The API has been migrated to include the lastest update from the SVG specification (SVG 1.1 second edition, W3C Working Draft 22 June 2010). See the release notes for details of the API changes.
  • Documentation captured from the SVG specification has been translated to javadoc and injected everywhere in the API. All the non-W3C APIs have been documented. Many links pointing to the W3C spec have been added also.
  • Exceptions declared in the specification have been mapped to java exceptions and the corresponding throws clauses have been added to the specification. The article on lib-gwt-svg design has been updated to reflect the design decisions behind these changes.
  • Many new helper methods have been introduced (xpath utilities, DOM-level 2 related methods, graphical methods).
  • An SVG validator has been integrated. It is enabled by default and checks at build-time all the SVG passed as SVGResource, ExternalSVGResource and inlined in UiBinder templates. The SVG validator is based on the experimental XML schema provided at W3C with custom fixes and improvements. It is possible to disable validation with the proper annotation or UiBinder attribute.
  • The library is now based on the GWT 2.1 final release.

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