vectomatic moves to github

I have been working during the past weeks on a significant upgrade of the tooling underlying vectomatic, with the following goals:

  • Make it easier to contribute to the projects.
  • Make it easier and faster for me to release new versions of the projects.

To achieve that I decided to make the following changes:

  • Replace subversion with git. In the process, I decided to split my big vectomatic svn repository into separate git projects.
  • Replace googlecode with github.
  • Use jenkins to automate the whole build process.
  • Make better use of maven by factoring project configuration into two parent poms (vectomatic-parent and vectomatic-gwt-parent).

Project sites

The official project sites remain unchanged:


The miscellaneous project stable builds can be downloaded from these locations:

SCM repositories

Developers can collaborate to the projects by forking the git repositories at github. Some older projects (vectomatic and vectomatic2) remain hosted at googlecode at the moment. You can find a detailed map on the Vectomatic tooling and repositories tools page.

Bug reports

Bug reports and feature requests should be filed using either github or googlecode, depending on where the project is hosted.

Discussion groups

Discussion and questions are still hosted by the usual google groups.

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