Annoucement: lib-gwt-svg 0.5.1 availability and other miscellaneous changes

This post summarizes changes and new features to vectomatic and lib-gwt-svg.

A new version 0.5.1 is introduced, to provide formal support for GWT2.2.0. It is mainly a bug-fix and improvement release, but it contains a large number of fixes (see the release notes for details). It is available through the usual channels: maven central repository, vectomatic website, and google-code project.

The samples for lib-gwt-svg have been revamped too (version 0.5.2) to finish the work started on CSS and SMIL animation. The SMIL animation sample now works as expected (on FF4 and Opera). The widgets sample layout has been redesigned to demonstrate scalability of widgets.

Additional new GWT projects have been created to make the games available as Opera Widgets and KDE Plasmoids. The Opera Widgets are already functional, the KDE plasmoids not yet. More work is still required though on the CSS front to make the game appearance and responsiveness adequate for use on mobile devices. Thus the widgets are not yet published on the Opera repository.

Repository structure
The unified SVN repository structure which contains all vectomatic projects is going to be split in several parts. The reason is that it is becoming difficult to synchronize the release of all these projects into one big meta-release and that they will evolve better if they can have a lifecycle of their own. The plan is to have at least three repositories:

The vectomatic2 development has already been extracted to a private svn repository and is receiving intensive care. A new project (with a new name) will be created and announced shortly to host it.

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