lib-gwt-svg 0.5.2 is available with IE9 compatibility

With the release of GWT 2.3.0, IE9 is now part of the browsers officially supported by GWT. Since IE9 has SVG support, I have updated lib-gwt-svg to take advantage of it. The samples have been migrated and most of them work, except for the usual SMIL animation which is not supported by IE9.

Actually the port did not require a lot of work once GWT 2.3.0 was available. I have changed the way lib-gwt-svg integrates with UiBinder, because this integration was based on XPaths and it turns out IE9 does not support XPath (neither does the current IE10), so be carefull if you rely on the DOMHelper XPath methods for your app.

There are certainly still problems with lib-gwt-svg IE9 support. I have not been able to get my other, more advanced apps to run correctly (no chess, no educational games). I need to do some more debugging to figure out why (problems on my side or IE9 bugs). However, since the samples work now correctly, I considered this to be a worthy milestone and thought I would release it. Anyhow, support for GWT 2.3.0 was needed anyway.

Beyond IE9 support, there are a few extra goodies, such as an API to fetch external XML resources using IFrames and XmlHttpRequests, see the release notes for details.

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