Memokid relicensed under GPLv3 !

Memokid is now free software. The game, which used to be marketed by the now defunct online store, has been re-licensed under GPLv3. The source code is available at this URL on gitlab:

The source base has been modernized. This was quite a challenge in itself since the code base was six years old, which is a lot in the javascript/react world. The build chain, which relied on a custom webpack 1.14.0 toolchain, got migrated to create-react-app 5.0. The base frameworks were upgraded to their latest versions where needed (react 18.x). The UI was migrated from react-toolbox (which no longer exists) to material-ui, internationalization from react-i18next tor react-intl.

There were a few functional improvements made to the game too. All 12 card decks are now available (the previous online version was just a two-decks demo version for the full-feature game marketed by eveil-et-savoirs: this is no longer the case). A new setting in the application settings page makes it easier to select another language. I have created translation site at to encourage user to translate the application to their native language (currently, the application is available in english and french but I would love to incorporate more translations to it).

Installable versions, based on Electron, for PC and Linux are now also free under GPLv3 (they used to be for sale at and can be downloaded from this URL (webpage in french but apps are internationalized). One of the goals of making an installable version is to allow the game to be installed on old PCs without internet connections. This kind of hardware is common in french public kindergarten schools, which often do not have the funding to purchase recent hardware and rely on hardware donations from parents.

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