April news

Many new exciting new features have been released today

A new version of lib-gwt-svg (version 0.4.5) has been released. It provides:

  • support for SVG push buttons and toggle buttons. The widgets tab of lib-gwt-svg-samples has been upgraded to demonstrate these.
  • UiBinder integration of SVG push buttons and toggle buttons. The article on UiBinder integration has been upgraded to explain how to create SVG buttons declaratively. You can also look at the widgets tab of lib-gwt-svg-samples which uses UiBinder to create the sample buttons.
  • support for external SVG resources in client bundles. The parser tab of lib-gwt-svg-samples has been upgraded to use external resources
  • A new sample has been added to lib-gwt-svg-samples to demonstrate SMIL animations. Currently the sample only works on browsers which support SMIL animation (Opera and FF3.7a4)

Lib-gwt-svg-edu has its share of improvements too. The program takes advantage of GWT code splitting for better modularity. A brand new labyrinth game has been added, featuring:

  • DFS base algorithm and clean OO data structure to create labyrinths of arbitrary complexity.
  • SVG rendering of the labyrinth
  • Use of HTML5 canvas to rasterize the labyrinth to arbitrary shapes
  • Beautiful artwork, courtesy of the Open Clip Art project
  • SVG buttons

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