More March Updates

This post summarizes many new features and changes which have just been released today with an emphasis on ease of use.

GWT client bundle integration

A new SVGResource interface has been added for SVG resource. This lets developers embed their SVG images in the bulk of the GWT application code.

SVG Widgets and UiBinder integration

A new package has been created to group SVG widgets. Currently there is just a SVGImage widget class. This class provides very good integration with UiBinder, and lets developers specify their SVG as a resource or directly by embedding it into the UiBinder template. In the latter case, this makes it possible to bind GWT variables to arbitrary SVG elements, add event handlers declaratively to arbitrary SVG elements, localize SVG, use obfuscated CSS with SVG… The lib-gwt-svg-samples has been revamped to demonstrate these new features. It has been migrated from Java2Html to JHighlight and nows displays the UiBinder source code along with the Java Source code


Three new articles are now available

svg tag to gwt class mapping
Shows how to svg tags map to lib-gwt-svg classes. Useful to know which type to use for your variables when writing UiBinder templates
uibinder integration with lib gwt svg
A tutorial on how to use UiBinder with lib-gwt-svg
svg event mapping
Shows how svg events map to lib-gwt-svg classes

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