lib-gwt-svg 0.5.11 released to address dropped SVG1.1 features in Chome 48+

I am releasing a new version of lib-gwt-svg to preserve compatibility with Chrome 48+. Indeed Chrome 48+ has begun dropping compatibility with several SVG1.1 features in their quest to implement new SVG2.0 features. The sad thing is that they dropped SVG 1.1 features before they even provided a working SVG2.0 replacement !

You can get details on the removed APIs here:
SVGPathSeg interfaces (removed)
Deprecate/Remove SVGGraphicsElement.getTransformToElement (removed)

Luckily for us SVG1.1 users, I have been able to restore compatibility by leveraging the excellent polyfills developed by David Durman and Philip Rogers.

I have also noted another difference in the behavior of Chrome 48 which broke some of my HTML games. SVG elements with a width and height of 100% will not be sized correctly: they will scale to the greatest of the two dimensions and not fit into the viewport anymore. I do not think this can be addressed with a polyfill, but I was able to use the following workaround: make the SVG elements absolute and use absolute CSS positioning with width=100% and height=100% to restore the original behavior.

3 comments to lib-gwt-svg 0.5.11 released to address dropped SVG1.1 features in Chome 48+

  • Darren Hurt

    When are you releasing this new version?

    I’ve run into trouble with this when creating arrowheads for a graph via:
    OMSVGPathElement path = doc.createSVGPathElement();
    OMSVGPathSegList segList = path.getPathSegList();

    I think the JavaScript methods behind methods like ‘createSVGPathSegMovetoAbs’ no longer exist for Chrome, and indeed the path object in this sample is now null, so I think I need your new library version when it becomes available!



  • Antoxa

    Thanks for this release.

  • admin

    The new version is available from maven central or this web site.

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