Availability of lib-gwt-file 0.2

lib-gwt-file 0.2 is now available. It does not provide new functionality with regards to the previous release, but is a migration to GWT 2.4.0.

Changes in this release

As GWT 2.4.0 now provides native support for HTML 5 drag-and-drop, lib-gwt-file 0.2 uses these native event classes instead of its own, wherever possible. lib-gwt-file’s own drag-and-drop […]

A file API for GWT

This post presents lib-gwt-file, a library which encapsulates the W3C File API and the HTML5 drag-and-drop interfaces.

Let me begin by explaining why I developed this library and how I expect it to evolve. I am currently developing an SVG editor based on GWT and lib-gwt-svg and to be truly useful, users need to be […]