lib-gwt-svg 0.5.5 availability

I am launching today lib-gwt-svg 0.5.5. The main highlight of this release is support for touch events. This version also fixes a few bugs and adds minor features I needed for my new project svgreal. The specifics is detailed in the release notes.

With regards to touch event support, here are the main points you […]

the svgreal SVG editor

I am launching todayan online app to edit SVG resources.

The (long term !) purpose of project svgreal is to let anyone with a browser open and edit any SVG resource locally or on the Internet. Real svg resources, not just svg resources originally created by svgreal itself. Users should be able to open multiple […]

Availability of lib-gwt-svg 0.5.4 and other announcements

I am releasing a new version of lib-gwt-svg. For a detailed list of changes, see the release notes. This new version is mostly a bug-fix and tuning release, which provides better support for IE9 and Opera. Among the notable features of the release are:

On IE9, the XPath APIs are now supported. This is made […]

SVG paint and stroke

The SVG standard provides a complete API to deal with various forms of paint (rgb colors, named colors, linear gradients, patterns, …) and this API integrates tightly with the CSS APIs to provide programmatic access to the various characteristics of the paint. The dash-array CSS property can also be introspected with the same CSS APIs.


Annoucement: lib-gwt-svg 0.5.1 availability and other miscellaneous changes

This post summarizes changes and new features to vectomatic and lib-gwt-svg.

lib-gwt-svg A new version 0.5.1 is introduced, to provide formal support for GWT2.2.0. It is mainly a bug-fix and improvement release, but it contains a large number of fixes (see the release notes for details). It is available through the usual channels: maven central […]

IE9 and lib-gwt-svg

A first (small) step has been made on the way towards running lib-gwt-svg apps into IE9. I have done some tests with the latest code available (called “platform preview 7”). The good news first: a few of the tabs in lib-gwt-svg-samples work, with the present unmodified code (version 0.5.0): shapes, events, features. This is encouraging […]

More on CSS layout of SVG applications

lib-gwt-svg-samples and lib-gwt-svg-chess have been fully ported to GWT2.1 and I am releasing today these new versions. These applications were already working with GWT2.1 but they were still using deprecated classes for UI layout. They have been transposed to a 100% CSS-based, strict-mode layout, so the resizing should be faster and the layout more consistent […]

lib-gwt-svg 0.5 is available

I am releasing today version 0.5 of lib-gwt-svg. The new version contains many new features.

The API has been migrated to include the lastest update from the SVG specification (SVG 1.1 second edition, W3C Working Draft 22 June 2010). See the release notes for details of the API changes. Documentation captured from the SVG specification […]

October 2010 svg news

Many exciting news to begin this month of October !

First a new release of lib-gwt-svg (version 0.4.9). It fixes a few bugs, adds more classes to provide a a more complete DOM level 2 access, adds a few utility methods. It is based on GWT 2.1 M1. If you need it for other levels, […]

Vectomatic2 SVG viewer

I am very excited to announce the release of my dearest open-source pet project: vectomatic2. It is a rewrite of my earlier vectomatic project along new lines: SVG technology (based on lib-gwt-svg) and GXT UI.

It has been tested on the following web browsers:

Browser Version Firefox 3.x or greater Opera 9.x or greater Chrome […]