SVG games rearchitecture

I have done a major re-architecture of lib-gwt-svg-edu, my educational game project. You can see the results here.

The project had become too big to fit under the umbrella of a single maven project: it was slow to compile, the various games where tied to one another, and adding more games seemed problematic. So I […]


My CSS-layout lightbulb has finally lit up !

One of the most serious problems I had been facing with my SVG apps is that the layout and sizing of SVG elements was never right. The interactions of the SVG width and height attributes, the CSS width and height properties, and the rest of the HTML […]

July release

There are many new versions of GWT appearing these days: 2.0.4, 2.1.0M1 and an upcoming 2.1.0M2. Because lib-gwt-svg integration with UiBinder uses internal GWT classes (alas there is no public API for extending UiBinder parsers yet), it needs to follow these changes very closely to remain compatible. I have issued a number of versions myself […]

June news

This posts gives an overview of the new developments which have been made available today

1. lib-gwt-svg

I am releasing a new version of lib-gwt-svg (version 0.4.6). As can be seen in the release notes, the emphasis is mostly on fixing bugs and making the API easier to use. Here is a high level view […]

Google Group

I am starting a Google Group to answer questions about lib-gwt-svg and discuss issues and possible uses of the library. The URL is: Feel free to ask your questions there, I will do my best to answer them as quickly as possible

April news

Many new exciting new features have been released today

A new version of lib-gwt-svg (version 0.4.5) has been released. It provides:

support for SVG push buttons and toggle buttons. The widgets tab of lib-gwt-svg-samples has been upgraded to demonstrate these. UiBinder integration of SVG push buttons and toggle buttons. The article on UiBinder integration has […]

More March Updates

This post summarizes many new features and changes which have just been released today with an emphasis on ease of use.

GWT client bundle integration

A new SVGResource interface has been added for SVG resource. This lets developers embed their SVG images in the bulk of the GWT application code.

SVG Widgets and UiBinder integration


March updates

This post summarizes many new features and changes which have just been released today.

Dependency cleanup and standardization

All projects now depend on GWT 2.0.3 (instead of a 2.x trunk snapshot), including vectomatic which has migrated from 1.7.1 to 2.0.3

New features

lib-gwt-svg has upgraded to version 0.3 and provides better event handling, helper methods […]

lib-gwt-svg goals and design

Library goals

lib-gwt-svg tries to reach the following goals:

Provide a clean, GWT-friendly API Hide the idiosyncrasies of vendor SVG implementations Reuse existing GWT features wherever possible to eliminate code duplication and impedance mismatch Stick to the W3C standard, unless it duplicates an existing GWT feature or the GWT feature is too incomplete Compatibility with […]

Vectomatic current state and future directions

Vectomatic is a 2D vector graphics editor based on GWT and HTML 5 canvas. At the moment it is more of a demonstrator than a truly useful application.

What lessons did I learn from this first prototype ?

On the bright side, browsers are now quite fast and I think that a full featured editor […]